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AMERICAN DREAM at Rorschach Theatre

April 1st, 2023

I am so excited to be playing ANN PUTNAM JR in a reading of Trish Cole's new play American Dream - trust me, this is going to be a wild one! 

"Five high school cheerleaders attempt to navigate purity and over-sexualization as Adam and Eve revisit their origin story and Joan of Arc battles not only the English, but the high school principal, gender roles, and rape culture. At the intersection of these stories is an intergalactic prophet, traversing time and space who reveals the connections among generations of women, including the women in her own family who left Odessa for America in hopes of finding their own Garden of Paradise…or, the American Dream."

To learn more, or to reserve tickets to our free reading at The Atlas Performing Arts Center on April 1st, visit:

ONCE UPON A MOON at The Smithsonian's Discovery Theater

April 12th - 27th, 2023

This April I'll be understudying the roles of LUNA and MARTY in Discovery Theater's TYA production of Once Upon A Moon, an original script developed with the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, designed for ages 4 - 7. Though I'm not scheduled to perform, if you're interested in learning more about this wonderful project, you can visit

Nudge Contributor

As of February of 2023, I'm working with The Nudge to make short video plans of cool things to do around DC! I'm still working on my first plan, but in addition to uploading them to The Nudge app, I'll share each plan to my (brand new!) TikTok account (@racheldjohns99)

SET YOUR LOVE LIFE ON FIRE by Joy & Pang Productions

Coming Soon!

I am delighted to be playing a featured role (Dater) in Joy & Pang Productions' upcoming performance / e-course, Set Your Love Life on Fire: How to Get More of What You Want from Online Dating! You can learn more about the production and preregister here: 


The Stella Adler Studio of Acting

To watch my performance as BOYET and MOTH in the Stella Adler Studio of Acting's NYU Company production of Shakespeare's Love's Labour's Lost, please visit:

Produced for the NYU Company's Outreach Tour, this production was directed by Kern McFadden, and features eight senior student actors (myself included) who auditioned into the Company. We offered several live, virtual performances open to the public through out the Fall 2020 semester, as well as a virtual outreach tour, including Q&As and workshops with NYC public schools, community groups, and jails.

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