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Body Swap

As part of the 'Moments' exhibition at The Bowery Elizabeth Nast, Helen Dryden & I spent spent the day in The Bowery Gallery carrying out a creative experiment. We 'Body Swapped' and each tried out the artistic style of one of the others. I became Helen Dryden, Helen became Elizabeth Nast & Elizabeth became me- quite the freaky Monday!

As we all work in very different styles we thought it would be an interesting challenge to approach a piece of work from another perspective. We each wrote instructions for one of the others to follow to point them in the right direction and then met up on Monday morning to see what would happen. We posted about our experiences on our social media feeds using #momentsbowery

Helen has written an excellent blog post on the swap

It was a really interesting experiment, it was fun to sit in a room and create work alongside others. It felt like a really social and bonding experience.

I felt a bit of performance anxiety especially as we were lucky to be filmed by Made in Leeds TV for The Book It List during the body swap! It was a really valuable experience and I think we all took something away from it, it was particularly helpful for stretching comfort zones.

Here are some photos of the body swap in progress:

Here are the final results

Here I am standing in front of my drawings with my painting inspired by being Helen for the day


Helen standing in front of her painting with her watercolour inspired by body swapping with Liz


Liz in front of her paintings with her ink drawing after body swapping with me

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